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  • We get the job done

    At DRL, our minds are not at rest until we are confident that our clients find everything they need and desire to call it Home. Not only do we deliver quality through our workmanship but our team is focused on getting the job done and most importantly: turn those long anticipated plans to a pleasant and happy home.
  • Committed to quality & trust

    Our quality defines who we are, and trust is only earned when a company is committed to what they do. At DRL, we thrive on gaining our client’s trust for the reason that our clients are the building blocks of our foundation. Without them, we would not have the stepping stones needed to build our reputation.
  • On time completion

    With our continuously growing clientele, on time completion is mandatory. Prior to commencing a project, we determine what is the most cost effective and easy way to execute the job in a prompt and timely manner. Whether it means we work around the clock or around a client’s busy schedule, our team is geared to on time completion.

Latest Projects

  • Living Space
    When it comes to creating an ideal living space, it can turn out to be quite challenging. However, with the proper planning, any project can become a masterpiece...
  • Backyard Patio
    As simple as a backyard patio, it takes a lot of thought to plan where most of your entertainment and hosting will take place. When creating a backyard patio....
  • Large Sub-Divisions
    Our services extend past our residential clientele towards builders of sub-divisions, as well as Condominium Board Members. Our Company has a combined experience....
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
    When coming home after a hard day at work, your first usual stop is the kitchen for a nice refreshing beverage followed by a relaxing shower to unravel...
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