Two months

Living Space

When it comes to creating an ideal living space, it can turn out to be quite challenging. However, with the proper planning, any project can become a masterpiece. Take a basement for example. Without the proper flow, it can result in the entertainment rooms intertwining with the relaxing areas. By dividing a basement into multiple rooms, you create that area specifically for its purpose whether it’s an office, entertaining or just simply relaxing. The planning stage is essential because it will determine that room’s main function.

1 Week

Backyard Patio

As simple as a backyard patio, it takes a lot of thought to plan where most of your entertainment and hosting will take place. When creating a backyard patio, it is important to keep in mind what kind of layout works with that particular space. To date, each deck that DRL has built was different and unique to the home. Depending on the type of materials used to where the patio deck is placed, it can either overpower the space or just simply fit right in.


Large Sub-Divisions

Our services extend past our residential clientele towards builders of sub-divisions, as well as Condominium Board Members. Our Company has a combined experience of over 40 years in the construction field and our large database of skilled tradesmen allows us to take on multiple dwellings within any sub-division project. From yearly maintenance packages to PDI’s with new Builders, our Company has stepped into the construction industry by coordinating tight schedules and assisting Condominium Board Members and Builders with any general contracting skills they require.

DRL employs people who are interested in pursuing a career within the construction industry and supply quality workmanship while also being time efficient.


Kitchens and Bathrooms

When coming home after a hard day at work, your first usual stop is the kitchen for a nice refreshing beverage followed by a relaxing shower to unravel. The kitchen is where the family comes together. It is where you create memories. It is the most important and essential living area of your home and you want to do it right. When creating a kitchen and/or bathroom you will not only have to consider the space, but what will reflect your lifestyle. It is vital when creating a kitchen and/or bathroom you choose the right products that best suit your needs.