Our Services

DRL has executed several outdoor projects ranging from outdoor decks to landscape construction, building facelifts and property maintenance including winter snow removal. DRL also partners with some of Toronto’s best inter-lockers and exterior painters.

DRL`s experience started with bathrooms and powder rooms, both functional and elegant. No matter what your need is and what your budget allows for, our experience with bathrooms will bring you precision tile laying, wide array of product installations including complex and high-end bathtubs, sinks, toilets and shower fixtures.

Kitchen installation, repair and renovations are among the services that customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction. Whether you have a kitchen to redo or just want to start from scratch, we assist and give you a free consultation on the best way to achieve your final goal with your kitchen project.

From precision inlay tiles, to custom cabinetry, we help you through every process.

DRL partners with professional architects to deliver solutions on computer generated blue prints that allow you to see several options with brand new and existing kitchen designs.

Living rooms, dining rooms, game rooms and breakfast areas are meant to be the social center of the home. When realizing your plans, we assist our customers by helping them create the pleasing and inviting atmosphere that living spaces are meant to be while leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Our team has accumulated experience in woodwork and cabinetry. We have succeeded and continue to achieve high customer satisfaction when it comes to renovating home cabinets. Whether it is a simple design or a challenging reproduction, our skilled tradesman can tackle the most complex cabinet designs on the market and customize to fit your needs.

Design / Build

DRL follows and subscribes to the Ontario Building Code, as well as the B.I.L.D – Code of Ethics

Renovation Procedure

Success of renovation hinges on good planning. Depending at what stage your project is, DRL will insert itself into the project accordingly allowing you to maximize your budget and avoid rework.

Renovation Phase #1: Design and Planning

The first phase is design and planning. Your home is pregnant with possibilities. We recommend working with an architect or design professional to help you with a master plan.

Renovation Phase #2: Demolition

The second phase is demolition, when the work gets going. DRL will quickly execute the demolition and cleanup process. This phase can be difficult on the customer and we understand that and help you keep going and get through it.

Renovation Phase #3: Framing

The third phase is framing and DRL is excellent at framing. We take pride in providing some of the best framing capabilities in Toronto.

Renovation Phase #4: Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

The fourth phase can become long and tedious. For this reason, DRL partners with professionals that are budget friendly. The mechanical bones of your home are placed in the walls, ceilings and floors. We ask you in advance if you want a phone next to your bed or if you want an extra outlet or two in a closet. These small steps commonly overlooked, end up saving you costs of unnecessary rework.

Renovation Phase #5: Plastering

The fifth phase is plastering. Differently from others, we enjoy plastering and when something is done with enjoyment, it is done with accuracy and professionalism. As the rough-in is completed and the inspector has given each tradesman "permission to cover," insulation is placed in the walls, followed by the right type of drywall that is then plastered. Plasterers take over the whole project the homeowner typically enters a new stage of panic. We make sure that you as the homeowner does not experience any gief with this tough stage of a renovation. At the end of each day, we allocate time to ensureing we leave your home in a livable state, free of unhealthy dusts and dirt that could get into other areas of your well kept home.

Renovation Phase #6: Finish Work

The sixth phase is finish work: installations of cabinets and fixtures, finish carpentry, floor refinishing, painting and wallpaper. In this phase, the hard work begins to reveal itself into more visible and appealing results. DRL at this point is making sure the various sub-contractors can stream through the job without conflicting with each other. In a poorly planned project, this is the time of ultimate panic, when every tile color and doorknob represents a decision yet to be made, with all it's associated aesthetic and financial implications. DRL ensures that this stage does not become a struggle but instead become a fun decision making end-point of your project.